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This documentary follows her Mexican mother and Palestinian father as they each journey You may not have heard of palm oil, but you have definitely eaten it or used it on your body. It is in tons of food products, like breads, ice cream, and instant noodles. Colette Ghunim is a filmmaker from Chicago. Colette also founded Mezcla Media Collective, empowering women in the film and production industries. You can snap fun, colorful photos with dynamic and interactive art.

Now, other established museums and art spaces are catching on.

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Helping people feel included at work has tons of benefits. People work together better, they feel more involved, and they offer up new ideas more often. Rafael G. No matter how expensive the lens, they still get slightly out of focus or soft Denver City Council member Candi CdeBaca is helping fight the controversial business of for-profit prisons.

Have you ignored someone based on visible differences between you two? MKLeo Leonardo Perez came out on top of nearly 3, players to hold onto his rank of 1 Smash player in the world. EVO is the Apparently sound can be quantified into particles, called phonons. Physicists at Stanford University have created a quantum microphone that can detect and measure these crackly bits of sound. Oh, you only skateboard? Psh, I volcano board, bro. Catch me on the mountainside and bring your own damn gear. Say whaaaat?! Today, we talk about food! Lots of people think you need to eat canned soup and grilled cheese all week.

Heeeeellllll no! You can bring all kinds SpaceX had a great day yesterday. They successfully landed another Falcon 9 rocket back to Earth, and had a successful test launch of its Starhopper prototype. Community , Featured , Social Impact , Video. Steve Reddell October 7, Discover , Fashion , Featured. Community , Featured. Entertainment , Featured. Steve Reddell September 27, Discover , Featured. Steve Reddell September 26, Discover , Featured , Slider. Featured , News , Slider. Steve Reddell September 25, Community , Featured , Slider. Steve Reddell September 23, Community , Culture , Featured.

Steve Reddell September 18, Steve Reddell September 12, Community , Events , Featured , Video Games. Steve Reddell September 11, Community , Education , Social Impact. Steve Reddell September 10, Steve Reddell September 6, Featured , News , Social Impact. Steve Reddell September 3, Morava - flowers painted with white tus R. Slovakia - Richelieu technics J. Slovakia, a set: ostrich, emu, duck, chicken and pigeon eggs. Slovakia - pigeon egg A. Pelechova, madeira-vax batik. Slovakia - 2 ducks. Slovakia - decorated by pasting natural seeds J.

Slovakia - a set of eggs wrapped by wires A. Slovakia - scratching, goose eggs Vers- "pisanka" - Batizov style M. Slovakia - scrapping Pisanka - Batizov style M. Slovakia - scraping Pisanka - batizov style M. Slovakia - reverse of previous eggs M. Pastrnak - the oldest designer of the Easter eggs of this style. Slovakia, pasted with cotton J. Reclova, hen eggs. Slovakia - eggs pasted with cotton C.

Slovakia - eggs pasted with cotton J. Slovakia, hen eggs pasted with cotton - C.

Here are our favorites, listed in no particular order:

Slovakia - a set of egg wrapped by wires A. Slovakia, an ostrich egg pasted by cotton - V. Slovakia - emu - perforating P. Slovakia - ostrich egg - cutting P. Slovakia - pasted by cotton 1 goose, 5 hens - E.

Slovakia - glued by coton 1 ostrich, 2 gees, 4 hens - E. Slovakia, scratching J. Slovakia - scratching J. Slovakia - batik Domanizsky style - S. Slovakia - perforation, batik quail and pheasant eggs- A.

Slovakia - graviring goose eggs - M. Slovensko - plants batik. Moravia, blatnik area style ostrich egg, M. Moravia - paintng of typical dresses of Blatnick area goose eggs M. Moravia - historic motives typical for Blatnik area hen eggs, M. Moravia, blatnick style of Easter eggs hen eggs - M. Moravia - blatnick area style of Easter eggs goos eggs - V. Hungary, shoeing 3 goos and 1 turkey eggs, Boglarka Hodnik. Hungary - shoeing turkey eggs, Boglarka Hodnik. Hungary - shoeing goose eggs, Boglarka Hodnik.

Hungary - shoeing goose eggs - Boglarka Hodnik. Hungary, shoeing hen eggs, Boglarka Hodnik. Hungary - shoeing hen eggs - Boglarka Hodnik. Hungary - shoeing hen egg - Boglarka Hodnik. Hungary - painting of antique patterns hen eggs - Evelin Anna Bodor. Hungary, pasting of dry flowers hen sggs, Evelin Anna Bodor. Slovakia, pasting with nature elements M. Slovakia - pasting hen eggs - M. Slovakia, pasting hen eggs - M. Slovakia, a set, relief batika 1 ostr. Slovakia - relief batik emu - V. Bojnakova, master of ULUV -. Slovakia - relief batik vaxibg flowers - V. Slovakia - relief batik hen eggs -.

Slovakia - relief batik goose eggs - mriezkovy vzor, V.

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Slovakia, wired emu egg Z. Slovakia, wired, turkey eggs Z. Slovakia - wired duck eggs Z. Slovakia - wirind eggs Z. Slovakia - wired emu egg Z. Slovakia, hen eggs, quiling Z. Slovensko, quiling Z. Slovakia - quiling Z. Slovakia - quilling Z. Slovakia, pasting with seeds, hen eggs J. Fujakova, seeds. Slovakia, hen eggs J. Fujakova, pasting with seeds. Slovakia - hen egg J. Slovakia, ostrich egg B. Svancarova, pasting with bulrush pith sietina. Slovakia, hen egg B. Svancarova, pasting with bulrush pith. Slovakia - hen egg B.

Svancarova, pasting with burush pith. Slovakia - ostrich egg B. Svancarova -pasting with bulrush pith. Banasova, mostly wired, partially scribed - wooden churches. Slovakia, hen egg R. Slovakia - hen egg R. Moravia - hen egg J. Mikulcova, relief batik,. Moravia - ostrich egg J. Mikulcova, typical decoration from the Slovacko region. Bulgaria hen eggs. Rumunia hen eggs. Ukraina hen eggs. Hungary hen eggs.

Austria - hen eggs special wiring. Slovakia, L. Balacsakova A scene of mowing in all times I. Balascakova A scene of mowing - 1st continuation of the picture,. Balascakova Mowing, 2nd continuation of the picture. Balascakova Mowing, 3rd continuation of the picture. Balascakova Mowing, 4th continuation of the picture. Balascakova Caabbage pressing by legs - old technique, ostrich egg.

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Balascakova cabbage pressing - 1st continuation of the picture. Balascakova cabbage pressing 2nd continuation of the picture. Balascakova cabbage pressing, 3rd continuation of the picture. Balascakova cabbage pressing, 4th continuation of the picture. Balascakova scratching, goose egg, folk costumes, averse. Balascakova goose egg, folk costumes, reverse. Balascakova hen egg, folk scenes, reverse. Balascakova hen egg, folk scenes, averse.

SLovakia, L. Kullova goose egg, wired, and wiring figures. Slovakia, M. Homola shoeing, hen egg. Pies shoeing, goose egg. Pies Shoeing, goose egg. Slovakia, Z. Filkornova ostrich egg, special wiring. Kullova ostrich egg, special wiring. Kullova wiring, a set. Slovakia, O. Lorantova scratching, 3 gees, 4 hens. Moravia, P. Poulicek batik, branch style haluzkovite. Moravia, ostrich egg "onion style". Angola ostrich egg, averse. Angola ostrich egg, reverse.

Pies hen egg. Preparation of the exhibion KK17, Piestany. Exhibition hall for KK Opening of KK17 Piestany, Boxes with eggs Exhibition KK Collection of Z. Filkornova Slovakia. Collection of Bojnakova Slovakia, KK Collection of Balascakova Slovakia, KK Collection of L. Collection of Kurjakova Slovakia, KK Collection of Cihakova Moravia, KK Collection of Easter eggs with straw decorations KK Ostrich eggs Moravia, Ghana. Collection of Spichalova Moravia, Kk Volkova, Czechia Ostrich egg, pasting with scraps of straw.

Volkova, pasting with scraps of straw hen egg, Czechia. Volkova, relief batik ostrich egg, Czechia.

Volkova, decoration with bulrush pith duzinou sietiny jazernej goose eggs, Czechia. Volkova, decoration with bulrush pith ostrich egg, Czechia. Krivakova, Slovakiaa Ostrich egg, wiring. Krivakovba, Slovakia goose egg, wiring. Krivakova, Slovakia goose egg, wiring. Krivakova, Slovakia goose eggs, wiring. Krivakova, Slovakia hen eggs, wirimg. Czech, wood Dogs. South Africa, wood Rhinos. Kenna, stone Rhino. Zimbabwe, soap stone, Hiding before lions. Slovakia M. Liska, majolica. Spain, wood Don Quixote and Sancho Panchez. Germany Locomotive. Spain, ceramics eagle. Japan, wood Hokkaido, unusual one-sided bookends.

Canada, metal Teespots. France, terracotta Shops with bread and meat. New Zealand, wood Kiwis. Spain, metal A ship. Germany, bronze Lions. Egypt, terracotta Faraons. France, terracotta Reapers. Germany Fighting horses. France Little Prince, Exupery. Switzerland, ceramics Nudes, art novae.

Belgium, stain Special bookends. Germany, mramor cactus holders. Bali, wood A typical gate to a temple complex. Kongo, stone Giraffes. Denmark Lekture. Denmark Strom. USA Damy pred zrkadlami. Moravia, J. Nevesela E. Poland, India, Zimbawe Folk mitives. China, India, India First hole stick is from rohov, second is with inlais of Agra style, third is from carved woodo.

Zimbabwe A spirit. Slovakia A very special technique of inserting thin metal into wood. Zimbabwe Snake sticks. Zimbabwe Carvings on the dtick discribe the story of tribe living near lake????? Slovakia Ornaments on the stick are realized by inlaiding thin pieces of copper.

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Denmark Ole Flensted. Finland Christmas stars mobile. Brasilia Aras. Finland A Christmas mobile. Germany Untitled. Denmark, Ole Flensted; 8 black fishes and one red warm. Slovakia Sophie and Marek. Finland Shhephard, sheeps and dog. Slovakia Unique - Present to 80th birthday.

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Japan, Tokyo Fisches. Japonsko, Kyoto Extra. Buddha in Kamakura. Japanese way of taking care for trees for winter. On the top of Fuji. During night climbing of Fuji. At a temple in Kamakura. Garden in Kyoto. Zen Garden in Kyoto. Avenue of Tori in Fushima shrine. In Dogo temple in Kyoto. Phoenix Hall in Uji City. Castle in Osaka. Buddha in Kamakura from his back. Tokyo wedding. Girls drum band at a festival. Beijing - Forbidden city. Beijing - Temple of Heaven. Beijing - in Summer Palace.

Chinese Wall. A sacred way to Ming Tombs. Shanghai - Padong. Science centre in Mega-university in Guangzhou. Terracotta army near Xian. Two largest buildings up to m in Guangzhou. Hong Kong. A stone in a Suzhou garden. In Huang Shan Yellow mountains. Goose pagoda in Xian. Famen temple near Xian. Nanjing - a sacred way to Xiao Ling Tombs. Nanjing - Yuejianglou temples.

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A stone in a Nanjing garden. Guilin - a Li river scene. Guilin -a Li river scene. Guilin - Yuangshow - river. In Huang Shan. In Huang Shan, a way up for a rich person. A sacred way to Qian Ling Tombs near Xian. Tombs near Xian. Hon Kong - ten thousand Buddha temple. Hon Kong - Ten thousands Buddha temple. Hon Kong - Main temple. Zhaoqin - in Seven Lake park. Shenze, World park, Koeln cathedral. SDhenze, World park, pyramids from Egypt. Shenzen, World park, Niagara Falls.

Akshardam temple New Delhi. Golden temple in Armitsar. Lotus temple New Delhi. Taj Mahal. Varanasi - urning dead people at Ganges river. Khajuraho - details of temples. Mamalapuram, stones. Mamalapurami - Krishna ball. Mamalapuram - Arunja' penance. Mamalapuram - Five Rathas. Gate to Tomb Akbar the Great. Tomb of Akbar the Great. Red Fort Agra - outside walls. Red Fort Agra - oputside walls. Qutb Minar, Delhi. Iron column from 6th cent. Ali Minar nearby. Gate to Humayun's tomb. Humayun's tomb. Toms around Humayun's tomb.

Tomb of Isa Kahn nearby. Mosque of Isa kahn. Islamabad, new Shah Faisa meshita that can acccomodate people. Islamabad, parlament. Lahore, Badshahi mosque. Lahore, Old fort from outside. Lahore, Wazir Khan Mosque. Lahore, Shalinar's gardens. Lahore, a way to Jehangir's Tom.