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In December , you are being asked to release what is no longer serving you so that you can fully step into your potential and power. You may have psychic visions or intuitive hits this month — but it is up to you as to whether you pay attention or you ignore them. You may feel uncomfortable about what you're experiencing and may worry what others think, but ultimately, you need to come back to your inner wisdom and your true essence.

This may be a good month to go on a vision quest, either in the traditional Shamanic way or in a more modernised way where you spend some time journalling around your true path. Watch the Tarot card forecast to discover what's coming up in December and how to make the most of the month ahead.

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I'm Brigit, Founder of Biddy Tarot, the online learning community for people who love to read Tarot and who want to connect with their intuition on a daily basis. I'm here with the Monthly Tarot Forecast for December The deck I've chosen for our forecast this month is the Healing Earth deck.

Now, this is a really beautiful deck and quite a large one actually — cards — from a lady Jodie here in Australia. The messages with this deck are very deep and soulful. I think you'll get a really good sense of them through the three cards that I have chosen for this month's forecast. So, let's get straight into it. Before I get into these cards, you're going to notice that there are still some very strong recurring themes that we've seen over the last six months from the Monthly Tarot Forecast.

We'll certainly pick up on them again this time. Our Blessings for this month is the Ten of Crystals. Take a look at it upright. It's almost like someone doing a bit of a high jump but onto these sharp looking crystals. In the reversed position, this is a process that's happening internally. So, what does it all mean?

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Well, this is another one of those cards that tells us we need to let go of the past. Even as this person is jumping over, she has got to fully surrender to that process and trust that she has lined herself up with the high jump.

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Find What Your Star Sign Is Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Your ruling planet is Saturn that symbolizes limitations, restrictions, patience, and organization.

This card symbolizes your search for answers to various questions. Number 3 — This number signifies self-expression through creative ways and an optimistic personality.

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Number 9 — This number signifies a giving nature, selflessness and artistic talents. Red : This is the color of raw energy, luxury, strength, and confidence. Indigo: This is a color that symbolizes magical abilities, Chakra healing, and spiritual enlightenment. Tuesday : The day ruled by planet Mars is symbolic of aggression, assertive behavior, and rashness.

Saturday : The day ruled by planet Saturn is symbolic of discipline, efforts, delays, and self-control. Your gemstone is Garnet that helps you overcome sexual inhibitions and become more intimate with your loved one. A Cross pen for the man and a comfortable throw pillow for the woman. The December 27 birthday horoscope predicts that you like practical gifts. Tags capricorn december. That really describes almost everything about me. I know caps are suppose to normally be workaholics but so far in my life I am not. I really like nutritional healing. I like to sleep late about 13 hours a day.

I go to bed at around 10 at night and wake up about 11am next day. Been like that always.. I tend to have a problem with candida. I just finished Hep c treatment 2 months ago.

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Treatment made my eyes kinda sunken in but slowly they are filling out again. I found that alcohol is extremely toxic for me. Although I used to drink a lot. It took 9 months to rid the brainfog. Although adderall really helps me. Stay focused and stay calm. Sun in Sagittarius.


Mars in Libra. Venus in Sagittarius. Jupiter in Scorpio.

Your Tarot Card Reading for the Month of December

Uranus Retrograde. Add my savvy card to your home screen on your smartphone. It has the convenience of an app.

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