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The last week of September proves lovely for nesting, and feeling at home, and you can feather your nest in October in style, when creativity is high. As October draws to a close affirm creative projects, or anything that brings you pleasure — it might be nice to have a party on Halloween, with the moon with Jupiter, and three planets in your zone of fun!

Mid November is a particularly nice time to feel supported in your role; balance work and play throughout the month.

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A whopping shift in the stars occurs at the beginning of December, as Jupiter moves into Capricorn with Venus on the 2nd. Spend the holidays with the one you love, as a plethora of planets stack up in your relationship zone, underpinning important encounters!


The planet of luck and expansion draws your attention towards ways of working — and your schedule, urging you to focus on positive daily rituals, and seek out help if you need it. Projects and plans can gain momentum in January, though over the summer months it might be necessary to pause.

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You might brush up on skills as the summer draws to a close so you can put maximum effort in as comes to fruition. See important dates during Jupiter in Sagittarius, here.

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Consider the many key individuals in your midst — from a lover, marriage partner or business associate, to all manner of individuals you engage with. They are all very much involved in your process of discovery, as you learn more about yourself and your limits when dealing with others. Saturn moved into your partnership zone during the Christmas of , bringing lessons, wisdom and commitment to your most significant exchanges. You might start working with a significant person — a business coach or therapist. Expect influential new relationships in the coming year and beyond Moonbabe. Look for alliances that help you become more grown-up, responsible and ambitious!

It will show it perfectly Octobers , if you make a deal, you will gain much, but if you avoid responsibilities, you will quickly find that you can forget about that promotion. Planetary influences are not beneficial for unions, and you will need to show a large dose of diplomacy to make everything go well. Do not be afraid to talk about emotions, because it can save the relationship that will go through a crisis in October.

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Watch out for muscle crisis, because in Octobers you may have an injury that will be hard to heal. Visit our shop for personal astrology readings , free charts and samples! Our reports range from individual natal chart based predictions and personal forecasts to complex synastry readings for two. If you have never had your relationship chart prepared before, now is the best time to get your own Soul Mates Relationship chart forecast for two, prepared based on both partners' date and place of birth.

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