Gold number 21 birthday candle

The sweetest set of pink flamingo shaped candles with glitter detail. Pack includes 6 candles.

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Let's Flamingle! This pink, glittery, flamingo shaped candle is the perfect cake topper! Pack contains 1 candle. This bright rainbow candle is the perfect cake topper for a rainbow or unicorn themed celebration!

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White star candles embellished with iridescent glitter and pink insert picksPack contains 6 candles in 2 sizes. Pack contains 6 candles in 3 designs. Do not move cake once candles have been lit Caution: Never leave children alone with lighted candles and please ensure that adult supervision is present when alight Before Disposal ensure candles are fully extinguished. Single sided Number candle Instructions on how to use 1. Sold Single Double sided Number candle Instructions on how to use 1.

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Light one sparkler at a time. Use singly over non-flammable surface. Do not hold in the hand. Keep away from any part of the body and flammable materials. Spent sparklers remain very hot, do not touch. Suitable for indoor use. Not suitable for children under 5 years old. Disclaimer: colour shades may vary. Personalise your party with your age or date. Use only under adult supervision. Not to be given to children under 5 years old. Keep away from Body and clothing. Spent sparklers remain very hot. Shades may vary.

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Burn time is approx 40 seconds. Blue Number 1 Candle 6s. Blue Number 2 Candle 6s. Blue Number 3 Candle 6s. Blue Number 4 Candle 6s. Blue Number 5 Candle 6s. Blue Number 6 Candle 6s. Blue Number 7 Candle 6s. Blue Number 8 Candle 6s. Blue Number 9 Candle 6s. Musical Candle Blue 6s. Musical Candle Pink 6s. Musical Candle Assorted 6s.

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Pink Musical Candle 6s. Blue Musical Candle 6s. White Glitter Candle 6s. Gold Cake Candles 6s. Silver Cake Candle 6s. Magic Candle 12s. Pink Birthday Candle Set 6s.

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Glitz Pink 13 Numeral Candle.

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Glitz Black 21 Numeral Candle. Glitz Black 30 Numeral Candle. Glitz Black 40 Numeral Candle. Glitz Black 50 Numeral Candle.